Samuel Curcio

Portfolio of Writing and Design

Sample Websites

Devices with smaller viewports (smartphones and tablets) are widely used for interacting on the Internet. In fact, they will soon surpass desktop computers as the most popular tool for web browsing. Consequently, developers must adopt new methods of design in order to satisfy small device users. The websites listed here were created using a responsive mobile-first approach. Thus, they perform effectively on both large and small screens. Some sites are projects, demonstrating my knowledge of web technologies, while others were built for commercial entities.

This project website demonstrates responsive design, images and animation production, and web form usage.

Drone News

Another project website - it demonstrates responsive design, several frontend web technologies, and storyline content.

Apollo XIII

This website was developed for a small landscaping business. It demonstrates responsive design and search engine optimization (SEO) for search page placement.

Greener Side

A local manufacturer's website, created with a CMS so updates could be easily performed by the client. It demonstrates the latest in web technologies and SEO principles.

WGS Signs

Sample Images

Educational and non-profit project images designed with Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

"Here in the University system we can only answer if we would rehire the individual. The answer is "YES". I am willing to provide a verbal reference. If you would like one, feel free to call me at 392-294-0653."
Len Solt
Supervisor at University of Florida
"I had Sam as a student in several of my classes when he was working on his Master's Degree at Stout, and we have stayed in communication ever since. Sam is a creative and passionate technologist. His passion for the field has manifest itself in a constant approach to learning new areas in this constantly moving field. Never to be satisfied with "good enough", Sam pushes himself to be on time and well above expectations in all of the projects that I have seen. 
In the time since receiving his degree, Sam has demonstrated the ongoing push of that curiosity, and at times we have changed roles and he is teaching me about emerging trends in technology. I fully recommend Sam for a position involving communication technologies."
Kevin W. Tharp
Associate Professor at University of Wisconsin-Stout


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